Now, what should you do with all this stuff?

Easy, let Creative Display Solutions, Inc. store your trade show exhibit, advertising display and marketing collateral in one of our climate-controlled warehouses. We have several nationwide and overseas trade show storage facilities and we can accommodate any size display, booth or even an island exhibit

Let us assist you with:

  • Trade show display shipping
  • Reconfiguring and repacking your booth
  • Properly labeling your cases and crates
  • Tracking your shipments
  • Post show inspection to evaluate any damage, inventory all components, clean, prep and pack properly for your next event.

We also offer storage and coordination of premiums and collateral materials as well.

As an added bonus, you can simplify your trade shows using our online Asset Management software program, included with your trade show exhibit storage package.

Contact Creative today and learn more about our trade show exhibit storage services or call 800.565.7910 to speak with an exhibit consultant today.