Outdoor Events are challenging, and at the same time, exciting. Creative Display Solutions, Inc. specializes in Outdoor Event Production and Management; whether it’s a VIP event for a large corporation, a mobile branded environment for a consumer event, the management of professional, or celebrity events, or the creation of corporate entertainment and employee incentive trips.

We believe that outdoor experiences provide extremely relevant, alternative options for client engagement, acquisition and loyalty opportunities. People have developed a hunger for different and unique types of off-site entertainment that allow more time for relaxing interaction between the corporation and the client, or between the company and the employee.

Outdoor events are similar to any other marketing event in many ways but with a new flavor. Loosen your tie with a winery tour, stop and smell the roses at the botanical gardens, invite customers into a VIP area at a public event, festival or fair, dine at a fine restaurant, test your endurance with an adventure program, or just get to know your employees better at a team building retreat.

Let us take you outside and show you how to leave a lasting impression on your customers, employees, friends and family for years to come. Contact Creative today or call 800.565.7910.