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Albert Einstein said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Let’s help you mix it up a bit, shall we?

Our Creative event consultants and trade show coordinators can help you gain control, save time, and reduce redundancies while increasing your productivity. Not just a consulting firm, we use our hands-on experience and a common sense approach to help you plan and develop a strong marketing campaign, pre-plan and execute a successful event, conference or trade show experience for your company. Our program consultants can also plan ways for you to capitalize on all the unique opportunities available in your industry.

We offer Strategic Consulting & Program Development, Exhibitor Marketing & Attendance Promotion, Event Strategy & Opportunity Identification, Booth Property Acquisition, Installation & Dismantle, Show Logistics, Measurement & ROI Analysis, Traffic Building & Lead Qualification Programs, Interactive Communication & Web Development, Media Sponsorship Programs, Measurement and Survey Programs, Pressroom Management, Registration Package Development & Pricing

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